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1st-Jan-2025 12:00 pm - Welcome to the Plot-bunny Pasture
hands clasped in marble
Welcome to my pasture for plot-bunnies.

This is where I put plot-bunnies that I have no intention of developing further, either because the muse left or (more likely) because I just don't have the time. They are all free to a good (or a bad, or ambivalent) home. If one of these happens to pounce upon you and force you write it, then awesome! Let me know so that I can read whatever you've written, but you don't need to ask permission or even tell me, if you don't want to.

If you leave a comment on any of the plot-bunnies with a further development, I'll likely respond in kind.

8/25/13 update: Blanket Permission: This feel a bit self-aggrandizing, but on the off chance that there are people who will use this, I hereby give blanket permission for anyone to post translations, art, podfic, art, mixes, remixes, sequels, prequels, side stories, or any other type of transformative variation on any of my work, not just the released plot-bunnies, but any of my work posted on or AO3 or TTH or anywhere else it winds up. My one request (not a demand, just a request) is that you send me a link so that I can appreciate your creation.


16th-Feb-2015 08:12 am - Fanfic: Jupiter Ascending
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When I first saw the preview for Jupiter Ascending, some months back, I was kind of ambivalent about the movie. It looked muddled and messy and fraught and while I still kind of wanted to see it, I wasn't all that excited about it. And then the reviews started coming in, and I realized, okay, yes, I absolutely needed to see this. And it was AWESOME!

Oh, it wasn't a great film and it won't go down in history as transforming the storytelling process or anything, but it was an amazingly fun ride to be on and just stuff kept on happening (and I want a pair of those roller-blading gravity boots so much!) and it was just a whole lot of fun. I definitely need to go back and see it again. And I really hope there are sequels. And I hope those sequels are just as ridiculous as this one.

One of the real strengths of this movie, is that it does a wonderful job of walking that line between not taking itself too seriously but also not being too self-conscious either. It is what it is and it went with it.

Anyway, while this movie introduced us to three potential main bad guys, only one of them wound up (presumed) dead at the end. And there was a moment in there, where I thought one different decision on our heroine's part could have had interested ramifications.

And thus:

One Different Decision
(on AO3) (on
summary: The impact of one different decision: Titus Abrasax does not survive his attempt at marriage to Jupiter.
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So 2014 sucked pretty badly. I am really hoping that 2015 is a massive improvement. (And please, please let it not be worse -- I have a finite number of family members.)

Anyway, the end of the year showed some improvement and the new year is starting off well. So I am paying a bit more attention to fandom and realized how long it's been since I posted here. Even when I had posted fanfic, I never got around to updating here. So, to correct this error: 

The Price of Secrets (on AO3) (or on
Fandoms: Buffy and NCIS
Summary: This fight for jurisdiction did not go the way Gibbs had expected.

Leah's Happy Ending (on AO3)
Fandom: the Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs
Summary:Everyone knew that Bran had only married Leah because she was too stupid and petty for him to ever run the risk of falling in love with her. No one thought about how Leah herself must feel that knowledge like a constant insult. No one deserves that kind of abuse.

The Ambassador (on AO3) (or on
Fandoms: Labyrinth and Stargate
Summary: Ambassador Sarah Williams is brought in to the Stargate program to help deal with the Tok'ra. (set after Her Kingdom as Great, and does not stand on its own.)

Smooth as a River Stone (on AO3) (or on
Fandoms: Highlander and Stargate
Summary: Thousands of years later, Jake O'Neil's descendant looks out the temple palace to see what the god Methos sees. (This will make absolutely no sense if you haven't already read A Square Peg in a Round Hole.)

To everyone reading this: Happy new year!

18th-May-2014 07:37 pm - Fanfic: Books of the Raksura
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Also, last year, (sigh, real life got and then remained intense), the wonderful [personal profile] pentapus  also made me a drawing from the Books of the Raksura.

Stone with babies

And here, finally, is the story I wrote for it: 

The Consort Bower of Indigo Cloud
Summary: Before Moon arrived at Indigo Cloud Court, the consort bower had been empty for some years and the court as a whole slowly dying. Something had to change. The three consorts of Indigo Cloud (Stone, Moon, and Ember) had had very different expectations, but the reality surprised each of them.
Available on AO3,, and below:

The Consort Bower of Indigo CloudCollapse )

18th-May-2014 06:03 pm - Fanfic: Vorkosigan-verse / Highlander
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Last year (good grief, time got away from me), the amazing [personal profile] pentapus drew a picture of Taura and Methos on a space station.

Taura and Methos on a space station

Here (finally) is the story I wrote for it: 

Walking Away Whistling

Summary: Taura doesn't like House Bharaputra. She doesn't like Cetaganda. And she is extremely curious as to why they are both trying to acquire Dr. Pierce Argall.
Available on: AO3,, and below: 

Walking Away WhistlingCollapse )
17th-Mar-2014 06:20 pm - A re-imagining of The Nutcracker
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I just watched Maurice Béjart's Nutcracker and it was stunning. I was stunned. It was really well performed, but I also just really got a kick out of what he decided to do with the premise, at least in part for the WTF factor.

I have to share:

First, Clara isn't actually a character in this version: the only kid is Fritz. It's set in the 1920s. And Drosselmeyer is quite the swinging gentleman, possibly related to Tony Stark. Keeping in mind that this is a ballet rather than a play, so a great many happenings are up for interpretation, I think the plot went something along the lines of:

Drosselmeyer had Christmas with his sister and her son, and then went out for a night of celebration in a very fancy red light district, with a sex club as the first stop. Unbeknownst to him, his nephew Fritz followed him. Luckily Fritz is way too young to understand what's going on and thus skips around the other dancers looking bemused at these strange adults but perfectly happy to play with some of them. Then Drosselmeyer discovers him and is torn: does he cut his night short and return the boy to his family or does he continue on with his plans?

He compromises: they leave the sex club and head to a burlesque show (which includes all the international dances). At this point, the mother arrives. Fritz is having such a good time, though, that she stays to supervise. Drosselmeyer is having a good time getting up on stage and interacting with the performers (definitely related to Tony Stark.) Fritz is having a ludicrously innocent time, running around waving the sword he has acquired, not noticing how all the other men on stage are suggestively fondling their own swords. And the mother gets drawn into a dance with a couple of drag queens and a drag king, winding up with the drag king.

Everybody has a fun time. Me especially, trying to stifle my laughter since I'm watching on my computer using headphones.

This is, just, awesomely hilarious.

I had to share.


29th-Dec-2013 04:10 pm - Fanfic: Buffy/NCIS
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While attempting to work on a different fanfic I've promised, my muse got distracted by a short meeting between Xander Harris of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Jethro Gibbs of NCIS.

Thus, mostly to get it out of the way:

The Price of Secrets (on AO3) (on (on TTH)
This fight for jurisdiction did not go the way Gibbs had expected.

Read the story hereCollapse )

28th-Dec-2013 07:30 pm - Fanfic: Person of Interest
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Real life has been keeping me quite busy recently, but then an episode of Person of Interest ("The Crossing") came and punched my muse in the face. "The Crossing" followed such a fabulous episode ("Endgame," oh my god, "Endgame" was so awesome) and was pretty good itself except for one plot point which was so idiotic that it was either one of the characters (Reese) flipping out and having a break from reality or the writers completely going off the rails. Thus, I decided that it needed to be corrected into one of the characters flipping out.

Thus, I added another chapter to Holidays for the Not-Really-Dead, a collection that had previously been fairly light-hearted, but now takes a turn for the angst-ridden, and once more I essentially reformat a rant into a fanfic, and give you: 

Winter Solstice
On the longest night of the year, in the dark and cold, Finch hopes for the coming days, Reese fears where he went wrong, and Joss has reached the end of both hope and fear.

hands clasped in marble
More than a year ago, I wrote a quick comment fic in response to the prompt: Avengers movieverse, Tony/+Loki, Instead of becoming a supervillain when he fell to Earth Loki somehow ended up as Tony Stark's personal assistant.

Now, some eighteen months and 29K words (not to mention a new degree, a new job, and a new residence) later, I have finally completed Tony's New Assistant (also on AO3). It kind of got away from me (darn trickster Loki!) and I finally managed to complete it less by the standard method of tying up all the loose ends as by my own method of tying up some of them and declaring that the rest are really decorative fringe. (It's not a bug, it's a feature!) 

The experience makes me even more impressed by those authors who somehow manage to keep an epic story going for years on end. I enjoyed writing the fic, but, dear god, I am glad that it's finally completed.
25th-Aug-2013 12:05 pm - Blanket Permission
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The Fourth Vine posted an excellent argument for why one should post a blanket permission for creative work based on my own stuff.

Blanket Permission: I hereby give blanket permission for anyone to post translations, art, podfic, art, mixes, remixes, sequels, prequels, side stories, or any other type of transformative variation on any of my work, not just the released plot-bunnies, but any of my work posted on or AO3 or TTH or anywhere else it winds up. My one request (not a demand, just a request) is that you send me a link so that I can appreciate your creation.

It strikes me as somewhat self-aggrandizing to think that there are people who will want this, but I am still somewhat stunned, amazed, and gratified that there are people who apparently do. I will take this moment to recognize the awesomeness of Black_leather, Franavu, IceAgeSurvivor123 and Styx: 

Black_leather translated "Halloween Story by Methos" into Russian.

Franavu has translated "Halloween Story by Methos" into Dutch.

IceAgeSurvivor123 illustrated "Icarus".

Styx (aka Styxhana) has translated What Dreams May Come, Halloween Story by Methos, A Taste of Flight, Escape Route, Layers of Pretense, By Any Other Name, and Into the Depths into Chinese.

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