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Voices in my head
putting the plot bunnies out to pasture
Translations and Gifts! 
13th-Jan-2013 12:36 pm
hands clasped in marble
Real life has been incredibly busy/messy for me lately. Not only busy, but it's all been mostly unpleasant business, so it saps away my will to do fanfic or anything else fun, other than sleep a lot and read what other people are writing. (Teen Wolf fanfic is highly addictive.)

But while I haven't been being very productive, other people have been and it just brightens my day.

Styxhana (aka styx) just translated a bunch of my stories into Chinese! Is that not awesome?! I am incredibly excited.
Check them out:

何梦将至 (What Dreams May Come)
米索斯的万圣节故事 (Halloween Story)
体验飞翔 (A Taste of Flight)
脱身之途 (Escape Route)
层层伪装 (Layers of Pretense)
任他何名 (By Any Other Name)
窥望深渊 (Into the Depths)

This is actually the third language (third! awesome!) that some of my stories have been translated into.

My first translation (and I was so excited that I actually forgot to mark down the date) was by black_leather, a Russian translation of Halloween Story by Methos: check it out!

My second translation (in September of 2008) was by Franavu, a Dutch translation of Halloween Story by Methos: check it out!

And now I have Chinese translations by Styx! Awesome!

Also, I have two illustrations made for me!

I got an illustration from IceAgeSurvivor123 for Icarus in October 2010. Coolness!

And an illustration from Pentapus in May 2012 for Seventh Time's the Charm and Every Ending a Beginning and Every Beginning an End. *grin*

Real life has been beating me down recently, but fandom is made up of so many awesome people doing wonderful things.

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