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Voices in my head
putting the plot bunnies out to pasture
Blanket Permission 
25th-Aug-2013 12:05 pm
hands clasped in marble
The Fourth Vine posted an excellent argument for why one should post a blanket permission for creative work based on my own stuff.

Blanket Permission: I hereby give blanket permission for anyone to post translations, art, podfic, art, mixes, remixes, sequels, prequels, side stories, or any other type of transformative variation on any of my work, not just the released plot-bunnies, but any of my work posted on FF.net or AO3 or TTH or anywhere else it winds up. My one request (not a demand, just a request) is that you send me a link so that I can appreciate your creation.

It strikes me as somewhat self-aggrandizing to think that there are people who will want this, but I am still somewhat stunned, amazed, and gratified that there are people who apparently do. I will take this moment to recognize the awesomeness of Black_leather, Franavu, IceAgeSurvivor123 and Styx: 

Black_leather translated "Halloween Story by Methos" into Russian.

Franavu has translated "Halloween Story by Methos" into Dutch.

IceAgeSurvivor123 illustrated "Icarus".

Styx (aka Styxhana) has translated What Dreams May Come, Halloween Story by Methos, A Taste of Flight, Escape Route, Layers of Pretense, By Any Other Name, and Into the Depths into Chinese.

26th-Aug-2013 07:07 pm (UTC)

It's been some time since I have seen you around online, how is life?

Also, great idea with the Blanket permission, I am glad a lot of people are translating your works since they deserve to be read by anyone who can
26th-Aug-2013 10:52 pm (UTC)
Hi Lita!

Life is looking up!

The last year has been pretty grindingly unpleasant but it is definitely on the mend. I was surprised how much RL put a damper on my online life, to the extent that I reverted back to mostly lurking and no writing.

I am now determined to finish up Tony's New Assistant and have signed up to write a Raksura fic in exchange for an illustration by Pentapus.

How are you doing?
15th-Oct-2013 06:25 pm (UTC)
Things have been great, I loved how you finished TNA but it made me want to much more, especially with Tony about to speak with Fury about the claims in regards to Loki.

Things have been pretty hetic here as well but now they are to smooth over... I have been terribly remiss in my reviewing meanwhile!

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